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fond of dogs, architecture, travel, children, food, nature, cities, books, horses, and pretty humans.
(in no particular order!)

100 Shades of Me (Fill up my ask box!)

This or That:
1: Day or night?
2: Cozy hoodie or warm sweater?
3: Closet door open or closed?
4: Road trip or travel by train?
5: Move around forever or live your whole life in one place?
6: 60s music or 70s music?
7: Immortality or one well-lived life?
8: Deaf or blind?
9: Big dogs or small dogs?
10: Apples or oranges?
11: Pen or pencil?
12: One job forever or an unending series of amusing jobs?
13: (When a movie based on a book comes out) Book first, or movie first?
14: Ruffled potato chips or plain?
15: Desert or mountains?
If you were ________ for a day, what would you do?:
16: 5 years old again
17: a pilot
18: the richest wo/man in the world
19: president/monarch/prime minister/whatever of your country
20: a dog
21: the opposite sex
22: homeless
23: your favourite tv character
24: an invincible superhero
25: transported to the year 1300CE in Britain
26: childhood cereal?
27: brand of shoes?
28: colour?
29: flower?
30: kind of car?
31: place in your house?
32: non-domestic animal?
33: item in your bedroom?
34: time of the day?
35: cartoon character?
36: subject in school?
37: smell?
38: beverage?
39: hamburger (or veggie burger) condiment?
40: accessory?
41: best personality trait?
42: worst personality trait?
43: ideal height?
44: actual height?
45: eye colour?
46: birthday?
47: best physical trait?
48: worst physical trait?
49: best memory before age 5?
50: best memory in the last month?
Your opinion on:
51: your country's leader?
52: prison reform?
53: police?
54: your country's educational system?
55: whistleblowers (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, etc.)?
How many:
56: years have you been in school (total)?
57: animals do you have?
58: places have you lived in?
59: countries have you visited?
60: limbs does your family (animals included) have put together?
61: rooms does your house/flat have?
62: minutes does your morning routine take you?
63: times have you had your heart broken?
64: phone calls do you make a day?
65: national parks/sites have you visited?
Deep questions:
66: Assuming extraterrestrial life exists and is of equal or greater intelligence/advancement to us, would you want it to contact us or leave each other alone?
67: If you had one day to live and one person to spend it with, who would that person be and what would you do?
68: If you could choose different parents from the ones you had, would you?
69: What do you suppose would happen if all the money in the world was suddenly and equally redistributed?
70: You've discovered the cure for cancer. Do you sell it and become insanely rich, knowing that pharmaceutical companies can (and will) do anything they please with it, or do you give it away for free to ensure access to it for everyone?
Tell me about:
71: your parents
72: your siblings (if any)
73: your childhood
74: your best friend
75: a time you were betrayed
76: a time a stranger was kind to you
77: your ideal date
78: one book you'd love to see made into a movie (assuming it was a good adaptation)
79: the last time you were pleasantly surprised
80: the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you
Fill in the blank:
81: I think people are basically ________.
82: Poetry is ________.
83: I'd literally rather die than ________.
84: Sex is ________.
85: The concept of race is ________.
86: If you could change your name, would you?
87: What is your ideal climate?
88: Do you like to colour in colouring books?
89: Would you rather have one really close friend forever, or have lots of people move in and out of your life (assuming most of these relationships are positive)?
90: Do you ever get overwhelmed thinking about space and time?
91: Do you believe in soulmates?
92: Why did you get into your favourite TV show?
93: Can you roll your tongue?
94: Are manners important to you?
95: Do you think things were better in the past, or do people tend to over-romanticise it?
96: What is your favourite poem?
97: Would you rather die at 70 with the love of your life, or live another 30 years to be 100 without them?
98: Who is the most important person to you?
99: What is your biggest regret?
100: What is one thing that gives you hope for the future of the world?
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